Invasive Woody Plants

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Invasive Woody Plants

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A long-term investigations of invasive woody plant was instigated in the late 1980s. This worldwide search of invasive events and associated literature has resulted in the collection of a extensive amount of information. Due to money constraints and a general lack of resources much of this information has yet to be fully collated, although six databases already exist.

Some preliminary information is nevertheless available in the following form:

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Monotypic stand Selaginella sp. in the East Usambaras (Tanzania).

Invasive woody plants in Ireland. Clump of Rubus spectabilis (light green foliage) in a stand of Rhododendron ponticum (pink flowers) with native Salix in the background. (30437 bytes)

Pyrostegia venusta climbing on Maesopsis eminii in the East Usambaras (Tanzania). (13572 bytes)
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