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Invasive Woody Plants

Tree Autecology and Biology

Temperate Forest Ecology

Tropical Forest Ecology


Sand Dune Ecology

East Usambaras



Pitcairn Islands

This page provides a rapid overview of what is included in the eight main sections listed in the left-hand column. Although the topics are quite varied they all essentially deal with woody plants. Thus these sections are all interlinked which will become quite obvious as you circulate using the links provided. For more details go to the Index where all the pages are listed.

Invasive woody plants

Tree autecology and biology

Acer pseudoplatanus, Maesopsis eminii and Hippophae rhamnoides have been extensively investigated. Various aspects of the autecology of Fraxinus excelsior, Syzygium jambos and Thespesia populnea have also reported.

Temperate forest ecology

Secondary succession in Northern Ireland is reported for sand dune systems. The status of Filmy fern - Hymenophyllum wilsonii in a Northern Irish woodland is assessed.

Tropical forest ecology

The biodiversity conservation in ancient church and monastery yards in Ethiopia was investigated in 2001-2002.

Invasive plants have been extensively investigated in AfricaJamaicaMadagascar and the South Pacific.

In the East Usambaras (Tanzania) a permanent plot has been set up.

Ecology and restoration in the Kimboza-Ruvu area.


Details of contract work carried out on various forestry matters are given. They include a woodfuel need survey in western Europe, an overview of sycamore and ash with special reference to Irish forestry, identification and selection of seed sources for sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) and the impact of wind damage on broadleaf trees.

Sand dune ecology

The ecology of sand dunes systems in Ireland focuses on secondary succession, the invasion of dunes by Acer pseudoplatanus and Hippophae rhamnoides and the impact of rabbits on vegetation

East Usambaras

A number of aspects of the ecology of this mountain range of NE Tanzania are reported.
They include forest ecology (including a permanent plot), deforestation, and plant invasions.

Pitcairn Islands

Group of four sub-tropical islands in the South Pacific. Information relating to invasive species are given for Pitcairn Island. The ecology and silviculture of Miro (Thespesia populnea) is reported for Henderson Island.


Pierre Binggeli's publications are listed together or according to topics. Listed separately are the publications relating to invasive woody plants, Acer pseudoplatanus, Maesopsis eminii, tropical forests, the East Usambaras, Pitcairn and forestry.

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