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Pitcairn Islands

Current projects:
  • Historical ecology of the Kimboza Forest Reseve (Tanzania) in relation to the invasive tree Cedrela odorata, fire and the conservation of the endemic blue gecko.
  • Ecological field guide to the plants of the Kimboza-Ruvu region.
  • An ongoing  ecological project is been carried out in Madagascar.
  • Control of invasives and forest dynamics are investigated in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.
Past projects:
  • A three year project (2001-2004) on the biodiversity conservation in ancient church and monastery yards in Ethiopia was supported by the Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species.
  • Long-term monitoring of a permanent sample plot established in 1987 in the East Usambaras (Tanzania). In a 0.5 ha plot all trees with a GBH > 10 cm have been located and their girth measured. GBH increment and tree death and recruitment are being monitored.
  • Tree regeneration in relation to invasive woody plants on Pitcairn Island (South Pacific) and with special reference to the exotic tree Syzygium jambos.
  • Autecology of Maesopsis eminii.
  • Ecology of invasive woody plants.
  • Management of Pittosporum undulatum in the Blue Mountains (Jamaica).
      Ecology of the East Usambara forests including:
  • Forest profiles
  • Forest dynamics (e.g. treefalls)
  • Seed bank ecology
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